StikyBallz - Anti-Stress Ceiling Balls

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Are you looking for something to cure your boredness?

Then look no further since StikyBallz is the perfect stress reliever and it keeps you busy with hours of fun


The Stretchy, Squishy, and Stiky Solution for Stress


"StikyBallz is one of the fastest-growing, stress-relieving tools on the market to de-stress and cure boredness."

Stretch into any form, play a game of stick-and-catch, squeeze down to a quarter, and stick to any wall to keep your mind clear and relaxed.


Sticks to All Walls!

"StikyBallz sticks to bricks, popcorn ceilings, stone, and so much more with 0 left-over residues!"

StikyBallz uses a special, non-toxic compound to keep the ball sticky without leaving any residue on your hands or on the surface it stuck to. It is able to stick to all solid walls including brick walls, stone walls, popcorn ceilings, rough wallpaper, and any other flat surface.


Wash Whenever It Gets Dirty!

"StikyBallz can be washed an infinite amount of times without ever losing its Stiky power!"

StikyBallz was designed to be durable and last long. That is why we designed it so it can be washed 1000 times without ever losing its stickiness. Simply wash it under running water and then let it air dry. Its Stiky Power will come back right away and it will be stickier than before!


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